Who was D’Artagnan?

The model for the famous fourth Musketeer in Alexandre Dumas’ novels (and several rounds of movies starring the likes of Douglas Fairbanks, Michael York, Chris O’Donnell and Logan Lerman) was one Charles Ogier de Batz de Castlemore, Comte d’Artagnan, who lived in the 17th century and served the Sun King, Louis XIV. His life and adventures served as the inspiration for the heavily fictionalized Dumas romances, which are now far more famous than the historical man himself. So why D’Artagnan for us?

He’s adventurous. He’s bold. He’s romantic. He’s French.
And us?


We’re adventurous – we decided we were going to make the most magnificent wine in the universe. That’s adventurous.

We’re bold – hey, we planted the vines in our front yard.

We’re romantic – Bob and Bonnie are still married to each other after more than thirty years.

We’re not French. But the Malbec is, and Bonnie graduated from the French Pastry School. We love fine wines, great cheeses, warm brioche and Alexandre Dumas. That’s close.

Besides, everybody loves D’Artagnan…he’s a great character whose bravery and humanity brings out the swashbuckler in all of us. We’re all a little homesick for the days when a man’s word was his promise, when love lasted a lifetime, and when right triumphed over evil seven days a week with a Saturday matinee. Be noble. Be loyal. Be magnificent!

Join the adventure with D’Artagnan Vineyards.