In a world full of well kept secrets (Jimmy Hoffa’s whereabouts, KFCs blend of herbs and spices, and more seasonally how you make a reindeer fly), the holidays being stressful is not one! Whether you are hosting a gathering at home or traveling to be with loved ones far and wide, odds are you’ll find yourself in a situation where you could probably use a drink! Aunt Pam’s turkey too dry? There’s a wine for that! Grandma Louise burnt the ham? There’s a wine for that! Your father in law just can’t stop talking about politics? You guessed it, there’s a wine (or two or three) for that!

While proper wine pairing can be a bit of a task, we are here with some tips and tricks to help make your holiday wine choices just a bit easier! Let’s not call these “rules”, but simply suggestions you may want to follow.

  • Vegetables- For those starting the meals with a salad course, or enjoying a vegetarian/vegan holiday feast, an offering of a dry white wine – Such as our Riesling– will be the perfect match
  • Creamy sides- Is the table overflowing with creamy casseroles, gravies and buttery dishes? A rich white wine- like our Chardonnay– will help to cut through the heaviness of those dishes and goes great with that thanksgiving turkey too!
  • Roasted Entrees- Having a perfectly roasted prime rib? Or perhaps a roast goose for the holiday table? A medium red – Like our Malbec or Tempranillo– will pair perfectly with heavier seasonings and help combat the possible dryness that can come with roasting.
  • Rich meats- Looking to enjoy a lamb roast as the center of your holiday spread? We suggest a bold red- Like our Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon.


Now if you read these and think “but I love Riesling with my steak!” Well go for it! Love is love, and who are we to stop you. But for those of you who may have been looking for a bit of guidance we hope this has helped. The holidays can be hard enough, so make your wine pairing easy. Stop by the tasting room and take advantage of our holiday sale to stock up on the perfect wines to go with any meal. We look forward to being part of your holiday festivities this year!