On a sunny golden hilltop in California’s Sierra Nevada foothills nestles five acres of dreams. The dream of Bob Reitz, who thirty years ago built the house overlooking the rich valley and the distant shimmer of Folsom Lake, where he and his bride Bonnie would raise their children. The dream Bob and Bonnie began once the children were off on their own, surrounding their hilltop home with the finest winegrape stock that could be found, and laying the foundation for an “old world” winery. The dream of their son Brandon, who left home for the Napa Valley to study enology and learn his craft directly from legendary winemakers.

The wines of D’Artagnan Vineyards are the culmination of those dreams – small lots from a tiny winery estate producing magnificent Malbec, Zinfandel and Tempranillo in hand-crafted vintages already attracting the attention of collectors and enthusiasts around the country. Like their namesake D’Artagnan, Alexandre Dumas’ epic hero who followed his Musketeer dream to serve a king, D’Artagnan Vineyards weaves the dreams of this remarkable family into bold, adventurous, romantic wines fit to serve a prince.